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We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Adversarial and cross language information retrieval

Aspects of high performance text analysis
Author identification and plagiarism detection
Automated knowledge aquisition and representation
Collaborative information filtering
Data mining
Data science
Decentralised knowledge representation
Diachronic corpora and temporal reasoning over knowledge basis
Dialogue systems for the Semantic Web
Document summerisation and identification
Dynamic graphs and in particular co-occurrence graphs
Event and anomaly detection
Graph and deep-learning based methods of Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval
Information and knowledge extraction
Information mining and psycholinguistic
Information Retrieval result evaluation and relevance feedback
Intelligent Tutoring
Interactive systems
Interactive, dynamic, contextual and personalised Information Retrieval
Knowledge graph learning
Knowledge representation
Konwledge discovery
Learning Analytics Knowledge
Learning from Big Data for web-scale knowledge graphs
Lexical semantics for the Semantic Web
Methods and analyses for statistical networks
Methods and systems of automatic machine translation
Methods based on Semantic Webarm Intelligence and other natural inspInformation Retrievaled methods
Methods for Classification and Categorisation
Multimodal human-computer communication for the Semantic Web
Natural Language based representations and knowledge systems using Semantic Web
Natural Language Processing for digital humanities
Natural language text generation from knowledge graphs and ontologies
Natural language understanding and the Semantic Web
Ontology generation, merging and verification methods
Ontology learning
Ontology population through Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval methods
Opinion, personality and emotion detection in social media
Propagation and diffusion of information
Query Expansion
Question and semantic Webering over knowledge graphs
Resources for basic Natural Language Processing tasks analysis
Semantic search and exploratory search
Semantic similarity metrics and analogy
Semantic web technologies
Sentiment analysis
Similarity analysis, clustering, hierarchic clustering
Small world graphs
Social and multimedia Information Retrieval
Social Sciences
Super popular content
Taxonomy extraction
Text analytics for the Internet of Things
Text mining
Topic recognition and topic tracking, subject indexing
Use of  knowledge graphs and ontologies for Natural Language Processing
Visualisation of Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval results